A few notions about the “Bourguignon” vineyard

First, it represents 29,500 hectares including 25,000 hectares in AOC for a total production of around 1.4 million hectoliters. It has nearly 5,000 winegrowers, 115 trading houses and 19 cooperative cellars. It includes the departments of Yonne, Côte d´Or and also Saône et Loire. The vineyard stretches for 250 kilometers in length.

Currently, the vineyard includes:

 84 controlled appellations also called AOC. A controlled appellation corresponds to production in a well-defined territory and soil with specifications to be respected common to all. It certifies certain characteristics of the wine, such as its territory of origin (soil), its mode of production and also the local know-how which is part of a tradition.  Among them :

- Seven so-called “regional appellations”. This appellation covers the entire territory of a wine region. It is also the largest existing production area in France.

- 44 appellations known as “villages”.

- The “Premiers Crus which are wines of village appellations. There are approximately 662 climates classified as Premiers Crus. We find the mention for example Beaune 1er cru and the climate is for example “LES THEURONS”

- 33 “Grands Crus”.

In the next article, we will talk about the different grape varieties of the Bourguignon vineyard.


                  Distribution of the different appellation